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About Us

Social Perinatal Area​​

The Social Perinatal Care Space is a collaborative platform created with the intent goal of social perinatal care knowledge sharing. Coordinated by La Maison Bleue, it’s a place where institutions, organizations, and health and social services professionals can learn and share their expertise through events, training, resources, and news.

Social Perinatal Care

Social perinatal care is….

An approach that aims to support the health and development of the child by acting on the main social determinants of health from conception in a perspective of equal opportunities. The approach particularly targets families living in a context of multiple and complex vulnerabilities. It closely associates the medical monitoring of pregnancy and early childhood with educational and psychosocial support for the mother and the family.

Who is it for?

< p>The social perinatal approach is beneficial for all women and families, but particularly for those who live in a context of multiple and complex vulnerabilities combining, for example, situations of:

    • financial precariousness ;
    • conjugal or family violence;
    • single parenthood;
    • complex migration path;
    • mental health problems;

< li>consumption or addiction.

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All aspects of a woman’s and family’s life have an impact on the course of pregnancy, bonding and child development. Every challenge faced the social determinants of health, every trauma experienced, every denial of human rights weakens the availability of the mother at the reception baby. Adverse conditions during pregnancy have demonstrated health consequences at birth and the repercussions can continue into adulthood.

Social perinatal promotes the creation of a healthy and safe environment for the child from pregnancy. Their development and health are enhanced and the family is supported for lasting benefits.


Social perinatal care is based on several principles to better support families and their children.

● The relation is the primary tool of intervention, that which is established between the intervener and the person, between the members of the team and the family. The warm welcome helps to build ties with families and to offer services on a human scale.

● L‘approachinterdisciplin area is needed in response to the complexity of situations andto many vulnerability factors. Pregnancy, childbirth andearly years of a child’s life make health care essential for overall family monitoring. Thus, psychosocial services should complement these health checks. A team interdisciplinary can include, for example:

  • An initiative of La Maison Bleue

    La Maison Bleue took the initiative to create the Social Perinatal Care Space to facilitate the sharing of expertise with social perinatal actors. This project was made possible thanks, among other things, to funding from the MSSS (Ministry of Health and Social Services).

    To learn more about social perinatal care and find out about the various services available at La Maison Bleue, visit the website.